Rainwater Harvesting

  • Seepage Management at Safina Towers

    Safina Towers is a 13-year-old multi-storied office building with two towers on Ali Asker Road, Bangalore. Set in a 2.5-acre plot, with two parking basements, upper and lower, Safina Towers had been facing a seepage »

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Our city, Bengaluru, has been in the grip of a water crisis of many dimensions. While institutions of governance need to do a lot to solve these problems, at the heart of any solution is the enlightened behaviour of us citizens, and our communities.

Urbanwaters.in seeks to inform, guide and provide simple and appropriate resources to improve the water literacy of citizens, that help solve our individual or community water problems. Responsible action is deeply necessary to take care of our common urban water resources. The resources on this site are aimed at helping citizens find ways to be a part of the solution. More »