The TEDxBiomeEnvironmentalTrust event was held online on Oct 17, 2020 as part of the TED Global Countdown. The event ‘Bengaluru – A City and its Water’ had people from Samaaj (citizens, RWAs, NGOs), Sarkaar (experts, policy makers) and Bazaar (entrepreneurs, service providers) talking about the various aspects of Bengaluru’s water. The recording of this event has been split into nine videos.


The theme of this event that was streamed on Dec 4, 2021, is 'A City and its Used Water'. Several speakers from different walks of life - residents, entrepreneurs, govt agencies, experts - talk about different aspects of wastewater. The talks cover the treatment and reuse of wastewater from the home level to the city level, its effects on human health, the role of women and the effects of our daily practices on wastewater quality. There are Countdown talks by international speakers as well!
Urban Waters, Bengaluru